As the founder of my branch, I feel that in an extremely mass manufactured market, sustainable apparel and habits should be provided and others encouraged to purchase more consciously.

One order, one tree planted!
We plant a tree every time a customer puts an order in with us.
One order equals one tree. 
Blanche Allure is  dedicated to providing ethical and sustainable products without sacrificing quality, value, or design.
It is essentials to us that we conduct business keeping in mind the same ethos — both our North London Studio and our Mayfair Headquarter are powered by various types of sustainable energy, our packaging is 100% plastic-free, and our raw materials and trimmings are sourced responsibly from vetted suppliers and craftsmen.
When we discovered Ecologi, we knew we had to be a part of it.
Every month, Blanche Allure invest in Ecologi, and the money is used to support eco-projects all around the world that will eliminate more greenhouse emissions than our firm produces. 
As a result, we will soon become carbon positive! 
Not only that, but in addition to offsetting our own carbon footprints, we will be giving a percentage of our monthly sales.
We plant a tree every time a consumer puts an order with us. One order equals one tree. 
Click here (link to ) , to have more information about Ecology and all the eco-projects ( link  to  we all together are supporting.
I am really enthusiastic about minimising my influence on the environment and being a more sustainable brand. So I'm looking forward to introducing the new sustainable portfolio. 
I wanted to build an environmentally friendly and affordable brand for everyone who has this cause at heart- while having an accessible price.
It is vital to say that this is still a learning process and that Blanche is by no means flawless, but I am taking small efforts in the correct way, which I think may have a great impact. 
It is my goal in the foreseeable future to constantly minimise the usage of unsustainable items from my collections.


All of the packaging we use at Blanche is eco-friendly.
Here is a little more information on what you can expect to see in your parcel.

Biodegradable mailers

The bags are produced with the help of a Co-ex EcoBlend paired with a biologically degradable D2W ingredient which means that the bag will be able to destroy itself harmlessly. While I promote the recycling of the mailers, it might happen that the bags get littered; in this case, a deterioration would happen within a few months. The bags will harmlessly decompose under correct weather conditions after 2 years without leaving any micro-plastics.
 The bags can, and should, also be recycled!
Our acid-free tissue paper is produced carefully and is thus different from conventional tissue paper created from acid-turning substances.

Swing tags

 You may recycle as you usual the twine string & swing tag. 
Thank you Note
 The materials are 100% recycled and so recyclable.

 PVC-free stickers are used to seal the wrapping of your new purchases.
 All the outfits in our latest A|W 21 Collection are made out of recycled fabrics, so that nothing goes into landfill. They also are totally cruelty free , sourced and manufactured responsibly and sustainably. Blanche Allure is also an ethical brand as all our manufacturers and suppliers are fully vetted- as a women lead brand it is within our core values to always promote and ensure gender equality, and to make sure no child labour nor women's slavery is used.
I have also implemented the use of environmental friendly packaging. All our poly mailers are biodegradable and we use paper cartons made out.