Every design that is available for purchase comes in small, medium and large sizes, unless otherwise specified.

Before picking your size, please refer to the measurements of the size for each item on the product page description.

To ensure that you pick the right size, we recommend that you verify these against your dimensions.

Do not use your normal buying practises for your size.

While the majority of our measures are cm in detail, with the following method you may convert to cm.

1cm = 0.30" | 1" = 2.54cm | 1 cm | 2."

There may be some cross over in sizes due to the stretchy material, in this case it  will be down to your preferred fit. 

If the measurements are still giving you some headache or if you are unsure, please contact us at hello@blancheallure.co.uk, and we will do our best to provide our sizing recommendations.